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eoe-bbdb-filters -- Emacs Office Environment BBDB Filters

A Collection BBDB Input and Output Filters

Software Name: SW-bbdb-filters   [ .bib ]
Version: 0.1
Dated: November 28, 2008
Group: bbdb
Primary URL:
Author(s): Mohsen BANAN
Organization: Neda Communications, Inc.


BBDB Filters Package is a collection of filters and is called "BBDB Input and Output Filters". They are a family of filters that convert the information in BBDB to and from a variety of other formats. "Output filters" export BBDB information to other formats while "input filters" import information from other formats into BBDB.


  • Data Sheets

  • Purpose Of OCP: A Foundation for the Development of Efficient Protocols. This industry white paper provides an overview description of OCP, including a comparison of OCP with other candidates for this problem space such as RPC (Sun Microsystems), ROSE (ISO), WTP (the WAP Forum), T/TCP, RDP and VMTP.

  • Source Description OCP Source DescriptionThis document provides details on the programming development environment of Neda's source code of OCP (Efficient Short Remote Operation Services) protocols.

  • OCP Protocol: OCP has been published as RFC-2188

  • The OCP Organization: hosts a number of mailing lists to support maintenance, enhancement and promotion of the OCP protocols and related technologies.

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Fully documented APIs interfacing to OCP

  • OCP Server Development Toolkit: Binary form of OCP Software Development Toolkit for the following platforms is available:
    • Linux and Solaris (and most other Unix)
    • Windows 2000/XP
  • OCP in Embedded Environments: Portation of OCP to embedded environments is as simple as selecting or implementing Open C Platform modules.

    The Open C Platform is subject to Library General Public License (LGPL) and is publicly availble.

  • OCP in Java and J2ME: Open-source Java and J2ME implementations of OCP are available under the General Public License (GPL).

  • OCP Stress and Regression Test Tools: Stress and Regression Test Tools for OCP protocols are available in source code form.

  • Applications using OCP: Uses of OCP in vertical applications include: telemetry, dispatch, credit card verification and vehicle tracking. For an example of how reliable and efficient applications can easily be built on top of OCP, see Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery (EMSD).

  • OCP Commercial Software Licensing: Neda Communications, Inc is the author of OCP Protocol and this implementation of OCP. Commercial licenses for the above software is available through Neda.

  • OCP Commercial Support: Neda Communications, Inc provides Maintenance, Portation Assistance and Consulting services for the OCP software.

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