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ByStar Autonomous Content Production, Publication, and Distribution Services And Software

ByStar Autonomous Content Production, Publication, and Distribution Services And Software

ByStar Autonomous Content Authorship, Generation, Publication, and Distribution Services And Software

Document #PLPC-180038
Version 0.2
July 31, 2017
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Part I

1  This is a Draft

This is a Draft

  • It reflects work-in-progress.
  • It is incomplete, consisting of partial notes, with lots still missing.
  • It is not appropriate to cite this draft document in other documents.
  • But there is sufficient material here for someone to be able to read in between the lines. If you have comments or criticism as this early stage, please contact me.

Part II
Concept and Terminology

2  Overview

Scope The Library is intended as a general repository for all content that the user wishes to place there. This is not just documents, software etc. that the user wishes to publish, but also non-published content that the user wishes to put in the library for his own convenience. For example, the user can place here his entire music list, or video list, and create music playlists etc. This is not published content, indeed publication may be prohibited by copyright, but still the user can place this here for his own usage.

A further intended future functionality: each access page will have a place for others to put comments, who are authorized by the site owner to make comments.

Content Attributes A particular item of content (e.g. a document) is the atomic component for management by the Libre Self-Publication facility.

An item of content is assigned a number of attributes, and this is what leads to it appearing in the various indexes. Relevant attributes are:

  • The primary publication site
  • Sites for duplicate publication
  • Author(s)

The primary publication site is the site where the content originates in the form of Libre Self-Publication content, and is maintained.

2.1  Library


The Library and Publications lists serve different purposes.

The Library is about content published or otherwise resident at this site. This may consist of:

  • Non-published content (e.g. music collection)
  • Content for which this is the primary publication site
  • Content for which this is a duplicate publication site

Library content = Published content + non-published content
Published content = content as primary publication site
+ content as duplicate publication site
Content as primary publication site = original content (created and owned by site owner)
+ republished content

Library (continued) Content residing in the Library is pushed here by the Libre Self-Publication machinery. It is the publication attributes of the content that determine whether it appears in the Library indexes. Any content for which this is the primary publication site appears in the Site Index. Any content for which this is either the primary publication site or a duplicate site appears in the Full Index.

The Library is all machine generated, and is not intended for customization.

2.2  Duplication


Each item of content has a primary publication site, which is where it originates in the form of Libre Self-Publication content. An item of content may also have one or more duplicate sites, where it is also pushed for publication.

2.3  Republication


Republication can be thought of as the process of taking content that already exists outside the Libre Self-Publication framework, and bringing it into the Libre Self-Publication framework.

The pre-existing content may be Libre or non-Libre content. It may already exist in varying manners and degrees of publication, e.g. a leaked government document, or an academic thesis, or a journal paper under formal copyright. In terms of authorship it may have been authored by the site owner himself (e.g. academic thesis, journal paper), or it may have been authored by others (e.g. leaked government document).

But the key concept of republication is that this is content that has already been created and exists in some manner, that is now being brought under Libre Self-Publication management.


Persons with maintenance authority over content specify duplicate sites by including them in the pubDestUrls file. The content is then pushed to the duplicate sites as well as the primary publication site.

Other persons and organizations can also duplicate the content on their own sites, but this is by a different mechanism. It is anticipated that any person or organization wishing to use the Libre Self-Publication framework will be assigned a block of PLPC (and Record, Draft and Repub) numbers by a numbering authority.

It is also anticipated that all content published under Libre Self-Publication will also be published at Then others wishing to duplicate that content on their own sites can do so by pulling it from

2.5  Publications


In contrast to the Library, Publications are about authorship. It is the author attributes of the content that determine whether the content appears in the Publications indexes. The Publications indexes are fully customizable to suit the preferences of the user. The Publications indexes are lists, not necessarily representing content residing at this site, and are created by searching for content with the site owner as an author.

The search takes place over the entire /lcnt tree maintained by that author. This /lcnt tree will in general include all organizations and venues (e.g. himself, Neda, FPF etc.) under which the author publishes content.

Publications (continued)

The user can choose to have content listed or not listed among the publications:

  • The user can choose to have content not listed as a publication, e.g. personal travelogues
  • The user can assign an importance level to content, and have the content appear or not based on an importance threshold
  • The user can add pointers to journal papers that are not under Libre Self-Publication Management

Thus the Full Index appearing under Library and the one appearing under Publications are not the same thing.

The top-level Publications page is by default the same at the Full Index.

By Importance. Content can be assigned an importance value, to determine whether it gets listed here or not.

2.6  Bibliographies


The bibliographies provide the same information as the corresponding index, but in a bibliographic format rather than a tabular form, and including the description as an abstract.

2.7  LCNT-INFO files


  • url: The primary publication site.
  • pubDestUrls: The list of sites where the document is to be published. This will normally include the primary publication site, and may also include other mirror sites.

Part III
Libre User Environment—Usage

3  Creating a New Document

Creating a New Document

  • Text from comes here

4  Selecting and Generating Lists

Selecting and Generating Lists

  • Text from comes here

Part IV

5  ByStar Multi-Media Document Production

Figure 1: ByStar Multimedia Document Authorship And Generation

6  ByStar Multi-Media Document Publication

Figure 2: ByStar Multimedia Document Publication And Distribution

6.1  Context within the Big Picture


6.2  Model


6.3  Workflow


6.4  Architecture



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